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After the end of the world, Earth is a thirsty planet ruled by vicious warlords. One woman is brave enough to fight back; she bands together five warriors to save her town and their ...DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)













































After the end of the world, Earth is a thirsty planet ruled by vicious warlords. One woman is brave enough to fight back; she bands together five warriors to save her town and their precious water. This movie is awful, even by Cirio H. Santiago standards and I've seen a lot of his work. When watching this painfully lame movie, it's quite obvious to the viewer, just how little care or effort (let alone passion or enthusiasm) was put into this sad and tepidly-paced attempt of an action movie. The films hero is a middle-aged, sword-swinging, David Carradine..... but temper any expectations you might have, because he looks and sounds completely bored with the movie and he no doubt just showed up to get paid.

Just to cover some of the films short-comings (and there are many), you have the indifferent and uninspired direction of Cirio H. Santiago (he put more effort into his earlier PAW films, one strongly gets the since he was just bored while making this movie). The acting is mostly lame and flat, with some occasional over-the-top moments. The film's dialogue is remarkably boring and clich辿-ridden and generally delivered with zero enthusiasm. And lastly the sets in this movie are insanely cheap looking, even for Cirio H. Santiago standards, which is really saying something. On several occasions I could plainly see the flimsy, paper-thin set's shake from the concussion of the pyro-charges during the film's action scenes.

I won't waste time explaining the plot, it's just not worth mentioning. There's precious little in the way of vehicular stunts (most, if not all good PAW flicks have those types of stunts), even the gun fire and explosions sound weak and muffled, the film's soundtrack is modestly effective - but generic as hell. As I said Santiago's earlier PAW films are noticeably better, especially WHEELS OF FIRE! However by 1990 when this crap-heap was made, Cirio H. Santiago must have been bored out-of-his-mind with these types of films.

From experience I can say that Dune Warriors is the kind of movie that literally saps your energy, as you sit waiting and wishing for it to be over with and any semblance of a good mood you might of been in, has long since soured due to sheer boredom and disappointment. I hated every minute of Dune Warrior's and I was lucky enough to see to see the "Director's Cut" which is even longer and more boring. Having seen lot's of movies of this type, I can say with confidence, that NO ONE should waste their time or money on this absolute dud of a movie. Dune Warriors flat out sucks!

From what I've seen of his work from this time period, it's pretty obvious at this point, that Carradine was a middle-aged burn-out and was simply making a living, ambling from one lame, low-budget, production to the next - in a state of chronic mediocrity. Not unlike Bela Lugosi decades earlier, Carradine seemed to except ANY script that was handed to him. What other conclusion's can one draw. If you've seen Future Force and it's sequel (or several others from that time) that only strengthens my point. Sad to say, but Future Force is actually a slight up-grade from this movie...... just plain pitiful. David Carradine stars as a martial arts expert who with his prodigy Richard Hill defend a village from viscous mutant thugs looking to make a power-play and destroy the peaceful community. Chiro Santiago is without a doubt one of the worst directors out in the field today (Yes he still makes movies) he always makes the movie feel like a cheap kung fu movie that would star Bruce Li or Bruce Le plus he never knows how to dub any actors right, so it is jarring just like a bad kung fu movie. That being said, this is the sole appeal of Dune Warriors which feels like Mad Max meets Bruce Li:The Invincible. David Carradine does do some martial arts and despite being slow (As expected for a man in his 50's at the time) looks sure of himself and puts his fancy footwork to good use. Richard Hill is also a decent hero and this remains one of Carradine's better movies of the 90's. You have to admire a movie that consists of cheap-jack action for the sake of cheap-jack action and the story manages to hold your attention through out. Also it's (mercifully)very short so your never too bored to turn it off. Plus it has Carradine in his Kung Fu mode.

* * out of 4-(Fair)


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